Two Boys from Aden College – second novel by QG

Cover-2Boys-3mb-May14 Yemeni doctor returns home when girlfriend abandons him for a lesbian. He flees communist South Yemen when he diagnoses suffocation, not drowning, in a rebel. He escapes to military ruled North Yemen, only to prove that a Sheikh was never in danger, when he killed a burglar. He teams up with burglar’s prostitute daughter, who falls in love with him.

ISBN 978-1-4697-9626-0


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Reviewd by:
Professor Abdulla Al-Sayyari, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Elie Nasrallah, Ottawa, Canada
Farook Aman, Ottawa, Canada
Tamara Tarchichi, Ottwa, Canada
Jennifer Gedeon, Ottawa, Canada
Tahani Shihab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dr Abdulla Nasher former Ambassador of Yemen to Canada
Liz Robertson, Teacher, Edinburgh, Scotland
Dr Adel Aulaqi, Surgeon, London, England
Alejandro Bustos, Ottawa, Canada