FOCUS: US Government Celebrates its Arming of the Egyptian Regime With a YouTube Video

despotic General Abdelfattah al-Sisi is one of the world’s most brutal and repressive. Last year, Human Rights Watch documented that that Egyptian “security forces have carried out mass arrests and torture that harken back to the darkest days of former President Hosni Mubarak’s rule.” Just two months ago, the group warned that the abuses have […]

Stephen Harper: The making of a prime minister – The Globe and Mail

this general air of secretiveness gets mixed up with the Conservatives’ willingness to demonize opponents. In fact, the Tories don’t have opponents; they have enemies. The Leader of the Liberal Party is an enemy. Judges who strike down their legislation are enemies. Union leaders are enemies. Authors and other artists who criticize the Conservatives are […]

Hollow Israeli Sorrow Over Palestinian Baby Immolation by Settlers    :   Information Clearing House – ICH

Israeli officials throughout its history consistently showed contempt for Palestinian rights – from Ben-Gurion to Allon to Meir to Begin to Rabin to Peres to Sharon to Netanyahu and others, an array of rogue leaders, not a democrat in the bunch. All believed in affording rights solely to Jews. None supported fundamental fairness. All committed […]

Roger Waters: The comparison between S. Africa’s apartheid and Israel is valid | i24news – See beyond

“People also complain about anybody making comparisons between apartheid South Africa and Israel. But particularly in the occupied territories – but also in Israel, in my view – the comparisons are valid,” he tells Haaretz’ journalist Gideon Levy, adding, “Whether Israelis or anyone else like it or not, it just is.” Source: Roger Waters: The […]