• Carter, who turned 90 last year, worked hard to regain that kind of admiration. His single term in Washington ended in 1981 in one of… [Continue Reading]

    Crowds Flock to Georgia to Pay Tribute to Cancer-Stricken Jimmy Carter
  • It points to Israel’s long history of violating the human rights of the Palestinians, starting with the ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Palestinians in 1947-48 that… [Continue Reading]

    UE Becomes First National U.S. Union to Endorse BDS | Portside
  • ” أن نعيش تعت رايتيين ونحن متحابيين متآخين خير لنا أن نعيش تحت راية واحده متناحرين “ Source: عدن الغد | سياسي يمني يشن أعنف… [Continue Reading]

    عدن الغد | سياسي يمني يشن أعنف هجوم على المتمسكين بالوحدة اليمنية
  • Personal data protection is not taken seriously enough and many people just don’t understand that government surveillance programs are a massive infringement on their freedom.… [Continue Reading]

    I have “nothing to hide”! Why should I care about Government surveillance?
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    The Rare Medical Condition That Makes You Drunk Without Drinking | VinePair
  • Giulio Haas, the Swiss envoy to Iran, showed the image during a speech to hundreds of Swiss and Iranian business people at a Zurich hotel… [Continue Reading]

    Swiss Give Netanyahu the Bird
  • Egyptian Canadians Condemn Today’s Verdict Against Mohamed Fahmy and Other Al Jazeera Journalists – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – (Ottawa, August 29, 2015) The Egyptian Canadian… [Continue Reading]

    Egyptian Canadians Condemn Today’s Verdict Against Mohamed Fahmy and Other Al Jazeera Journalists
  • more than 262 Egyptians have died in police custody since the 3rd of July 2013 military coup, Source: Three Egyptian detainees die within two days… [Continue Reading]

    Three Egyptian detainees die within two days due to medical neglect – Arab Organisation for Human Rights in UK
  • Levy lays bare the naked racism of not only Herzog’s politics, but the entirety of the militarily enforced Jewish-majority state, both as a concept and… [Continue Reading]

    Calling Herzog & Lib Zionism ‘Racist,’ Gideon Levy Instigates a Reckoning
  • رأيت أنه لابد من التطرق إلى التساؤلات التي تخطر على البال “ماذا بعد زوال حكم السيسي؟”. لقد جربت مصر حكم عدلي منصور بعد عزل مرسي،… [Continue Reading]

    مصر باقية والحكام إلى الزوال – سمير عطالله