• “Can’t we make jokes or say anything? Are we all muzzled? This is the politics of fear. I am an activist and singer but mostly… [Continue Reading]

    Public servant investigated over political ‘Harperman’ song | Ottawa Citizen
  • there appears to be little interest in addressing Canada’s role in war crimes and dangerous military escalations committed half a world away this summer.Their names… [Continue Reading]

    The crimes of summer unaddressed by the federal election | rabble.ca
  • (The battle for Sanaa will begin) within eight weeks, God willing. It has really already begun in the resistance within Sanaa, which is mobilising,” Yemeni… [Continue Reading]

    Yemeni government says to mount battle for Sanaa within 8 weeks
  • Short video

    ‫خطبة “قوة الكلمة” مترجمة ● محمد القحطاني ● بطل العالم في الإلقاء والخطابة‬‎ – YouTube
  • The European Union’s outgoing envoy to Palestine says the 28-nation bloc is continuing its efforts to pass more measures against illegal Israeli settlements in the… [Continue Reading]

    EU to approve new measures against Israeli settlements | Veterans Today
  • يحفر قبره بقوانينه قبل أن أدخل في التفاصيل، أقذف بقنبلة مدوية: “قانون الإرهاب الجديد سيعجل بنهاية حكم السيسي، وإن لم يتدارك الأمر فورا، سيما بعد… [Continue Reading]

    يحفر قبره بقوانينه  – سمير عطالله
  • Israel waged a relentless offensive on Gaza which claimed the lives of almost 2,240 people, most of them civilians and mainly children and women, while… [Continue Reading]

    1,000 Children Left Disabled by 2014 War on Gaza – International Middle East Media Center
  • Western media have mostly acted as Al Saud’s personal publicists over the decades,” one analyst tells MintPress. “Reality is about to come crashing in, though.”… [Continue Reading]

    Saudi Arabia: Is It About To Burn Or Just Collapse?
  • Justin Trudeau’s Message to The Canadian-Muslim Vote – YouTube
  • if voters want to cast their ballot this October for a major Canadian party that believes that Palestinians are human beings too, they can’t. Source:… [Continue Reading]

    NDP purge of pro-Palestine candidates plays into Harper’s hands | Ricochet