• Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is playing what he hopes will be a winning trump card as this wretched federal election campaign draws to an ugly… [Continue Reading]

    Conservatives fan antipathy toward Muslims to gain votes: Editorial | Toronto Star
  • “we call on Russia to immediately cease attacks on Syrian opposition and civilians.” Along with that decree, she posted a statement from the U.S. and… [Continue Reading]

    FOCUS: One Day After Warning Russia of Civilian Casualties, the US Bombs a Hospital in Afghanistan
  • The Pentagon and President Obama have failed to take responsibility for this war crime, certainly not an accident. Only a few days earlier, the Taliban… [Continue Reading]

    Coverup! US Bombs Slaughter Doctors Without Borders Team, Crush Hospital | Veterans Today
  • Great time to be in the drone business according to a new defense report. Source: Business of War: Drone Market Expected to Double by 2024

    Business of War: Drone Market Expected to Double by 2024
  • إدانة الفكر خطيئة العقيدة هي “الحكم الذي لا يُقبّل الشك فيه لدى مُعتَقِدِه” مثل العقيدة بالله ورسله، بينما الفِكر هو إعمال العقل في المعلوم للوصول… [Continue Reading]

    إدانة الفكر خطيئة – سمير عطالله
  • In a U-turn at the United Nations Human Rights Council, Western governments dropped plans Wednesday for an international inquiry into human rights violations by all… [Continue Reading]

    Saudi Arabia Forces the UN to Drop Humanitarian Inquiry Into Yemen Atrocities Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!
  • Isolation fosters xenophobia and, should relations between Iran and the US and its allies worsen again, Iran would inevitably experience a right-wing backlash. A self-fulfilling… [Continue Reading]

    FOCUS | Closing the Deal: America, Iran, and the Nuclear Treaty of 2015
  • By telling the truth at a time of universal deceit, Putin committed a revolutionary act. Referring to the slaughter, destruction, and chaos that Washington has… [Continue Reading]

    Putin Calls Out Washington — Paul Craig Roberts – PaulCraigRoberts.org
  • There’s no practical reason why women should have to uncover their face at citizenship ceremonies. There’s no security risk. These things aren’t ninja outfits. The… [Continue Reading]

    The Niqab debate reminds us why we have a Charter | rabble.ca
  • “Leadership should be about reassuring Canadians and bringing them together” Source: True Grit: Trudeau talks niqab, C-51 and more | National Observer

    True Grit: Trudeau talks niqab, C-51 and more | National Observer
  • ..by employing the following tactics: Codifying criticism of the state of Israel as anti-Semitism, Intimidating faculty and students through blacklists, letters to administrators, and legal… [Continue Reading]

    Jewish Voice for Peace Releases First-Ever Report on the Use of False Charges of Anti-Semitism to Limit Palestinian Rights Activism on Campuses | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
  • The evidence is far from “overwhelming,” and the only insult to human reason is the dogmatic repetition of this American talking point. Source: Showdown at… [Continue Reading]

    Showdown at the UN Corral – Raimondo – My Catbird Seat
  • the theft of more and more Palestinian land and water to give momentum to Israel’s on-going colonization of the occupied West Bank, a process that… [Continue Reading]

    Netanyahu’s real message was to Israel’s Jews: “Talk peace but prepare for doomsday” | Veterans Today
  • The legality of sex change procedures contrasts with the country’s otherwise strict laws regarding sexual morality under the nation’s Sharia code, which forbids homosexuality and… [Continue Reading]

    Eight players of Iranian women’s football team are actually MEN awaiting sex swap operations  | Daily Mail Online

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