• In Iowa, an aide to Walker said that the Governor was “still processing” the news that he had been put up for sale. “It takes… [Continue Reading]

    Cutting Losses, Kochs to Sell Scott Walker
  • hatred is catching, and the destructive forces on one side of the Atlantic will inevitably reinforce those on the other. Source: FOCUS: Bashing Blacks, Latinos,… [Continue Reading]

    FOCUS: Bashing Blacks, Latinos, Jews, and Muslims: Never Again!
  • بوابتي تقارير ضعيف الشخصية لا يمتلك الكرزما أو الحكمة يسيئ الخطاب و الملبس هكذا يتهم الرئيس اليمني عبد ربه منصور هادي أكمل القراءة Source: السجل |… [Continue Reading]

    السجل | هادي أمام محكمة السياسة ـ أهم ٥ أخطاء و ٥ إنجازات لرئيس اليمن المنفي
  • Report says Gaza could be uninhabitable within five years as a result of Israeli economic and military policies. Source: United Nations slams Israel’s brutality in… [Continue Reading]

    United Nations slams Israel’s brutality in Palestine
  • There have been tortured back and forth debates about whether Zionism is racist: of course it is. At its core, Zionism is an imperial form… [Continue Reading]

    AMEU – The Immorality Of It All
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  • Jim Stanford separates rhetoric from reality on the Harper economic record – YouTube
  • Acclaimed Canadian author Margaret Atwood faced censorship in the national press late last week for her satirical take on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s hair. It… [Continue Reading]

    Canada’s prime minister wants to make it harder for people to vote against him | Caroline Konrad | Comment is free | The Guardian
  • The Saudi-led, US-backed assault on Yemen, now entering its sixth month, continues to take a devastating toll on the country’s civilian population. At least 36… [Continue Reading]

    Saudi Arabia and UAE prepare for major US-backed ground offensive in Yemen – World Socialist Web Site
  • Carter, who turned 90 last year, worked hard to regain that kind of admiration. His single term in Washington ended in 1981 in one of… [Continue Reading]

    Crowds Flock to Georgia to Pay Tribute to Cancer-Stricken Jimmy Carter