Leaked Internal CIA Document Admits US Drone Program “Counterproductive”

The agency’s own analysis, conducted in 2009, found that its clandestine drone and assassination program was likely to produce counterproductive outcomes, including strengthening the very “extremist groups” it was allegedly designed to destroy. via Leaked Internal CIA Document Admits US Drone Program “Counterproductive”.

If you open the window of torture, even just a crack, the cold air of the Dark Ages will fill the whole room by William Blum | Dandelion Salad

American Exceptionalism and American Torture In 1964, the Brazilian military, in a US-designed coup, overthrew a liberal government and proceeded to rule with an iron fist for the next 21 years. In 1979 the military regime passed an amnesty law blocking the prosecution of its members for torture and other crimes. The amnesty still holds. […]

Muslim pensioner who paid two thugs £50 to throw sulphuric acid in his teenage Islamic convert ex-girlfriend’s face is jailed for 18 years | Daily Mail Online

Miss Horsman, who had converted to Islam for Rafiq, suffered horrific burns and has been left permanently disfigured by the attack. A court heard that the jealous pensioner had hatched a plan to blame an innocent man before ordering the pre-planned assault. Pakistan-born Rafiq persuaded Steven Holmes, 25, and Shannon Heaps, 23, to carry out […]