62nd National Film Award: Documentary on rape victims Daughters Of Mother India wins Best Film on Social Issues Award! – Bollywood News & Gossip, Movie Reviews, Trailers & Videos at Bollywoodlife.com

A new winning documentary by the daughter of friends of mine. taking into account the role played by all the stakeholders including the police, the law makers, the activists and most importantly, the society. For the first time, in the history of the Police force, the Police Commissioner of Delhi granted permission for a camera […]

Elizabeth May and Bruce Hyer announce 60 amendments to Bill C-51 – elizabethmaymp.ca – March 31, 2015

said Ms. May. “Our amendments seek to protect Canadian’s Charter rights and make this country safer by eliminating the reckless and dangerous Conservative policies in C-51.” via Elizabeth May and Bruce Hyer announce 60 amendments to Bill C-51 – elizabethmaymp.ca – March 31, 2015.

Even with Amendments, C-51 Should Worry Activists | The Tyee

government spokespersons cited a clause defining what a security threat isn’t: ”For greater certainty, it does not include lawful advocacy, protest, dissent and artistic expression.” For Mr. Blaney, case closed. But for critics, the word ”lawful” excludes peaceful civil disobedience, wildcat strikes, or any demonstration that technically breaks a law. via Even with Amendments, C-51 […]

Stephen Hume: Canada’s bigots grant themselves permission to vent

Is Northern Ireland’s half century of civil strife irrefutable proof of the inherent viciousness of Christianity? If 83 per cent of American citizens profess to be Christian yet shoot 100,000 of their fellow citizen dead in a decade is that proof that Christianity is inherently murderous? What about Christian warlords and their atrocities in central […]

Nasrallah: Saudi Arabia forgets Israel is the enemy – Israel News, Ynetnews

“All that has happened in our region for years did not require Saudi intervention, so why does the current situation in Yemen require such intervention?” he asked. “You say the new situation in Yemen threatens your national security – do you not sense the threat posed by Israel, which possesses one of the strongest armies […]