RCMP stop another suspected terrorist… without C-51 | rabble.ca

but it could also undermine the Conservative’s position that Canada’s security and spy agencies need more power to keep this country safe from terrorism. Several witnesses have suggested Bill C-51, which is being rushed through the public safety and national security committee this week, could actually interfere with RCMP and local police efforts to disrupt […]

Cohen: Canada’s Jews don’t speak with one voice | Ottawa Citizen

Having rendered that Solomonic judgment, Fogel then warned, gratuitously, that “politicians run an obvious risk when they invoke the Holocaust.” Trudeau punished, Blaney praised. Of course. This is the way with CIJA. It seems congenitally unable to utter a discouraging word about Stephen Harper, Benjamin Netanyahu or the State of Israel – while allowing Canadians […]

How Canada gets people tortured | Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Prime Minister Stephen Harper quickly declared, “It has nothing to do whatsoever with the government of Canada.” Despite the CIA’s close relationship with Canadian state security agencies, as well as two judicial inquiries finding Ottawa complicit in the torture of Canadian citizens in Syria and Egypt, Harper preferred to ignore the facts. via How Canada […]

Open Letter to CEO of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs calling for public discussion of BDS | rabble.ca

Mr. Fogel had proposed the idea of a public session himself, but he has yet to respond to our overtures. Meanwhile, Mr. Fogel has been lobbying our MPs to support the allegation that BDS represents the “new face of anti-Semitism.” via Open Letter to CEO of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs calling for […]

Canadian Bar Association Denounces Anti-Terror Bill

#HarperMustGo The most worrying element of the bill is a provision that would give judges the power to authorize CSIS violations of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the association says. It potentially brings “the entire Charter into jeopardy, undermines the rule of law, and goes against the fundamental role of judges as the protectors […]