Dear Mr. Harper – from Stephanie McDowall

   Dear Mr. Harper: I would appreciate knowing why you felt you and your government could not support this bill ?.   I am sure you have your reasons. I would like to know what these reasons are. I hope you will respond to my query. Sincerely Stephanie McDowall Nanaimo, B.C. Liberal MP Joyce Murray’s Private […]

I Support Israel’s National Bill

Mazal Tov: a controversial bill that officially defines Israel as the “Nation-State of the Jewish People” was approved by the Israeli cabinet last Sunday. Finally Israel has acknowledged its true Jewish nature. Instead of pretending to be a ‘Jewish Democracy” – a contradiction in terms, the Jewish State admits that it is a theocracy guided […]

After Gaza, Europe Scrambles to End Its Complicity | Palestine Chronicle

“This is a sign that a great deal of anger and frustration exist in the member states. In recent months there were meetings of European foreign ministers in which ministers, who are considered extremely close to Israel, spoke in the most critical way against the policies of Netanyahu’s government.” via After Gaza, Europe Scrambles to […]

NLG Stands with People of Ferguson, Condemns Systematic Police Violence in Communities of Color | National Lawyers Guild

The rampant impunity with which police murder innocent people of color, as well as the heavily militarized response to protests in Ferguson, are symptoms of a larger system of racial injustice that has criminalized and oppressed people of color since the country’s founding. via NLG Stands with People of Ferguson, Condemns Systematic Police Violence in […]