The ‘Nation-state’ Bill: Jews Should Know Exactly Where It Leads   Information Clearing House

But alongside this lip service, the bill specifies that national minorities are to have no say regarding the character of the state of which they are supposedly citizens with equal rights. Minorities have no right to any national expression in their own country. All obligatory state symbols are Jewish ones. Only Jews have the right […]

Harper Government Embraces Nazism? Canada Votes against UN Resolution Condemning “The Glorification of Nazism” | Global Research

Canada’s embrace of Nazism should come as no surprise to conscious Canadians. We are still reeling from the successful “renovation” of our indigenous Progressive Conservative Party, which has now been transformed into the extremist CPC government, dominated by its Prime Minister, or, as many would say, its Crime Minister, Stephen Harper. #SHOOO=ShoveHarperOutOfOffice via Harper Government […]

The Misuse of a Grand Jury

In sending Wilson’s case to the grand jury, McCulloch technically turned over to them the decision about whether to prosecute. By submitting all the evidence to the grand jury, he added to the perception that this process represented an independent evaluation of the evidence. But there is little doubt that he remained largely in control […]

Militarism degrades, disrupts and destroys democracy |

As the Canadian government plays at fighting wars in Iraq/Syria and in eastern Europe, we see daily examples of how militarism ultimately degrades, disrupts and destroys democracy. Indeed, we are subjected to a gravitational pull of obedience to martial values that blinds us to a series of uncomfortable realities that are visible in plain sight […]

Possible Motives for Ousting Hagel | Veterans News Now

But Obama apparently couldn’t get past all of Kagan’s “credentials,” including his current work at the prestigious Brookings Institution and his writing for the oh-so-impressive New Republic. So, Obama invited Kagan to lunch at the White House, a cozy get-together that one observer described as a “meeting of equals.” Yes, the twice-elected President of the […]