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Bank With BRICS | rabble.ca

The role of the World Bank was simple: sell bonds on Wall St. to absorb the surplus funds accumulating in the U.S. banking system; then lend the money to Europe for rebuilding infrastructure damaged during the war. If American firms got many of the building … Read Full Article

Wake up, Chinese are coming! – My Catbird Seat

In reality, though, the Chinese initiative on Maritime Silk Road needs to be seen against the backdrop of the US’ ‘pivot’ to Asia, which Beijing estimated as a thinly-veiled containment strategy aimed at China. The Maritime Silk Road initiative’s strategic … Read Full Article

FOCUS | The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race

Then we’ll argue about whether there isn’t just as much black-against-white racism in the U.S. as there is white-against-black. (Yes, there is. But, in general, white-against-black economically impacts the future of the black community. Black-against-white has … Read Full Article

Malia Sasha Serena Venus Go 2 Ferguson

#MaliaSashaSerenaVenusGo2Ferguson Here’s something that will never happen. But what if it did? These four very privileged black American young ladies somehow sneak out of their mansions and agree to meet in Ferguson where they mingle with the irate black … Read Full Article