Rise Up America, Rise Up!

Those shackles should represent the ugly and imprisoning idea of the American Dream as it manifests in a highly commercialised and divided society, with such dire repercussions for the rest of the world. An idea that breeds more and more division, fear and injustice, and that has led successive American governments to arrogantly domineer other […]

Bernie Sanders Takes Aim at Koch Brothers

“We have got to do everything we can do stop them,” Sanders said, ticking off a lengthy list of egregious things he said the brothers wanted to do. That included abolishing virtually every program you’ve heard on in the federal government, from Medicaid and Medicare to Social Security, minimum wage, campaign spending limits and the […]

Thoughts on the recent attacks in Canada – Dr Gihad Shabib

The recent attacks in Ottawa and St-Jean-sur-Richelieu have shocked and horrified all Canadians. Particularly, Canadian Muslims are deeply saddened and grieved at these senseless losses of lives. They unequivocally condemn these heinous and cowardly acts which affect us all.   However, it is very difficult for our community, which is made mostly of new immigrants, […]

Yemen worst nation for gender equality, women lag in economics, politics – report | Agricultural Commodities | Reuters

women worldwide are almost on a par with men in terms of health and education, but lag behind in economic and political participation and opportunities. Ranked the least gender-equal of 142 countries for the ninth successive year, Yemen fared worse than Pakistan, Chad, Syria and Mali via Yemen worst nation for gender equality, women lag […]

لن نسكت على دماء الشهداء – سمير عطالله

بداية أبشركم بتعريف جديد للديمقراطية أطلقها المتحدث غير الرسمي للسيسي إبراهيم عيسى. إذ قال حرفيا أن الديمقراطية ليست صناديق الانتخاب   وأنها اثمرت عن تصدير الإرهاب في الدول المتقدمة مثل أميركا وبعض دول أوروبا. أضاف أنه غير صحيح أن المجتمعات الاستبدادية توّلد الإرهاب. ولا توجد أي أسباب اقتصادية أو سياسية للإرهاب الذي ينشأ من كل الطبقات […]