NDP To File Complaint Over ‘Misleading’ Ads About Proposed Tory Tax Cut

Last year, the federal government was reprimanded by Advertising Standards Canada — the self-regulating body of the advertising industry — after it found that a multimillion-dollar ad campaign for the Tories’ job grant program breached the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards. The ads were deemed to be inaccurate and unclear. The ads gave the impression […]

Queen Rania of Jordon in powerful attack on ISIS | Daily Mail Online

‘At the heart of the assault is an ideology.‘And if you think you can defeat an ideology with a bullet, think of what happened when Osama Bin Laden was killed.’ Queen Rania explained: ‘Sure he died, but his legacy is an even stronger, more twisted extremist movement.’ ‘We must create a new narrative and broadcast […]

Bob Carr: Why I’m now a friend of Palestine rather than Israel | Veterans News Now

MUST READ!  In the British debate, Richard Ottaway, a Conservative and long-term supporter of Israel, -declared, “If they are losing -people like me, they will be losing a lot of people.” He and others in centrist politics have been sickened by religious fanatics standing on seized Palestinian land declaring that God gave them Judea and […]

Did Dubai Do It? – NYTimes.com

when Dubai showed that Arabs could build a Singapore, where young Arabs could realize their potential, Dubai became politically subversive. Across the region, you heard the question: “Even if we can’t have democracy, why can’t we at least have Dubai?” via Did Dubai Do It? – NYTimes.com.

Jailed jihadist claims Saudi prince paid 9/11 hijackers’ flight lessons – ArabianBusiness.com

Saudi Arabian royal family helped finance the plot. Zacarias Moussaoui, 46, has filed court documents in the US stating an unnamed Saudi Prince paid for himself and the 19 terrorists who hijacked planes in the September 11 attacks to take flying lessons prior to the attacks via Jailed jihadist claims Saudi prince paid 9/11 hijackers’ […]

الشذوذ السياسي والجنسي – سمير عطالله

بداية أشكر أحد المتلقين الأعزاء الذي رأى، في ما أكتبه عن أحوال مصر، “تزايدا” عما هو مألوف رغم موافقته على كل ما أذكره. أعترف بأن نصيحته صائبة إلا أن شدة حبي واهتمامي بوطني الأصلي جعلني أزيد من نقدي وهجومي المستمر. لا سيما وأن الأحداث تتوالى سريعا. أرى أن عذري غير مقبول علميا، وربما يكون “مقبولا […]