The Superpower Conundrum | Tom Engelhardt

it’s not hard to imagine the U.S. in decline. The greatest power in history, the “unipolar power,” can’t build a single mile of high-speed rail? Really? And its Congress is now mired in an argument about whether funds can even be raised to keep America’s highways more or less pothole-free. Source: The Superpower Conundrum | Tom Engelhardt

A gang of wolves comes for Greece |

All that the Eurogroup membership intended was to extract from Greece a commitment to continue to practice austerity under the terms set out in existing agreements with the Troika (the EU Commission, the ECB, and the International Monetary Fund), and continue to pay down debt at the cost of shrinking the Greek economy — already […]

Who splits whose votes? |

Elizabeth May is playing right into Stephen Harper’s hands. She is his best electoral ally, because her party will draw votes from New Democrats and Liberals — the parties with the only chance of defeating Conservatives. This splitting of the opposition votes is just what Stephen Harper needs to form another majority government. Source: Who […]