Harper government shameless in linking human rights activism with anti-Semitism

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 29, 2015 OTTAWA—”The Harper government is shameless in its opportunism,” stated Tyler Levitan of Independent Jewish Voices – Canada (IJV). “It stoops to capitalize on a tragic situation by attacking human rights activists.” Levitan denounced what he characterizes as the Harper government’s most recent attempt to silence proponents of the international Boycott, […]

WASHINGTON: Prophet Muhammad’s image at Supreme Court shows taboos aren’t eternal | MCT National News | McClatchy DC

It was a great honor, al-Alwani concluded, for the prophet to be represented by non-Muslims among humanity’s greatest legislators. “The essence of what the prophet symbolized, namely law with justice” had been brought to the attention of the American people, he said. via WASHINGTON: Prophet Muhammad’s image at Supreme Court shows taboos aren’t eternal | […]

Harper Government Spends $700,000 Fighting Veterans Class-Action Lawsuit

#HarperMustGo “Spending $700,000 a year to fight vets in court is not supporting our troops,” NDP Leader Tom Mulcair fumed during one heated question period exchange with Harper. “Closing nine veteran services offices is not supporting our troops, either.” via Harper Government Spends $700,000 Fighting Veterans Class-Action Lawsuit.

Tell U.S. Congress not to attend Netanyahu’s speech

We are outraged that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to speak before Congress. He does not speak about peace in good faith—illegal settlements and human rights violations against Palestinians have only increased under his leadership. Further, he will advocate for additional harsh sanctions on Iran that will undermine the diplomatic process and possibly […]

United Against Galloway — Gilad Atzmon

Someone should remind MP Freer that Britain is still a free country and though his district is populated by many Jews, it isn’t yet a Zionist Occupied Zone. We still do not need to obtain an Israeli pass to drive along Golders Green High Road. via United Against Galloway — Gilad Atzmon.

Dr. Qais Ghanem, Ottawa radio host and author – a voice for multiculturalism | Ottawa Star

For Ghanem, this award falls on the heels of his induction into the Order of Ottawa, which took place in November. The award honoured his professional and civic contributions to the community, particularly in the media sphere where he is a tireless advocate for multiculturalism and the integration of New Canadians into Canadian society. via […]