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FOCUS | The Disease of American Democracy

We entered a vicious cycle in which political power became more concentrated in monied interests that used the power to their advantage – getting tax cuts, expanding tax loopholes, benefiting from corporate welfare and free-trade agreements, slicing safety … Read Full Article

Bank With BRICS | rabble.ca

The role of the World Bank was simple: sell bonds on Wall St. to absorb the surplus funds accumulating in the U.S. banking system; then lend the money to Europe for rebuilding infrastructure damaged during the war. If American firms got many of the building … Read Full Article

Wake up, Chinese are coming! – My Catbird Seat

In reality, though, the Chinese initiative on Maritime Silk Road needs to be seen against the backdrop of the US’ ‘pivot’ to Asia, which Beijing estimated as a thinly-veiled containment strategy aimed at China. The Maritime Silk Road initiative’s strategic … Read Full Article