The Collapse of Order in the Middle East

The half-century-long US-managed effort to achieve acceptance for the Jewish state in its region has meanwhile died of a fatal build-up of glib hypocrisy, sometimes called Netanyahu Syndrome. Despite decades of trying, American diplomacy has also definitely failed to reconcile Palestinians to indefinite existence as disenfranchised captives of Israel’s Jewish democracy. via The Collapse of […]

There are words to use carefully, like ‘terrorist.’ Or ‘parliamentarian’ – The Globe and Mail

The PM when he stands up week after week during Duffy-gate repeating word for word the same dubious assertions? Or the trained seals behind them applauding mindlessly at whatever inanity or lie is peddled? This is contempt for parliament, nothing less via There are words to use carefully, like ‘terrorist.’ Or ‘parliamentarian’ – The Globe […]

Tunisia’s Elections Revives Hope For Change | Raghida Dergham

The Tunisians’ boldness, and the boldness of their women, men, and civil society organizations, deserve praise and for us to celebrate with them their victory in the elections. The Tunisians have revived hopes concerning the process of change in the Arab region. via Tunisia’s Elections Revives Hope For Change | Raghida Dergham.

Elusive-Arab-stability – Al-Ahram Weekly

In spite of the many problems that have arisen in the Arab region, the question of the Palestinian people who have been deprived of a homeland and a state will remain the problem from which all others derive. Some Western officials, among others, have held that the recent upheaval in the region points in the […]

Canada: Decoding Harper’s Terror Game. Beneath the Masks and Diversions

He is the most despotic and toxic first minister in the life of our country. His administration defunds every social program and life protective system it can. It strips the country of its public information infrastructures at every level – including now the gagging of non-profit NGO’s by eliminating their charitable status if they question […]

Sodastream announce closure of West Bank factory, Palestinian activists exclaim victory | Middle East Eye

Israeli drinks firm SodaStream, hit by international boycott calls, said Wednesday it was shutting a controversial factory in a West Bank settlement as it announced a nine percent fall in sales. The firm, which manufactures a device for making fizzy drinks at home and was embroiled in a row earlier this year involving Hollywood actress […]

Rise Up America, Rise Up!

Those shackles should represent the ugly and imprisoning idea of the American Dream as it manifests in a highly commercialised and divided society, with such dire repercussions for the rest of the world. An idea that breeds more and more division, fear and injustice, and that has led successive American governments to arrogantly domineer other […]