Elites Will Make Gazans of Us All

Chris Hedges         Because it has the power to do so, Israel—as does the United States—flouts international law to keep a subject population in misery. The continued presence of Israeli occupation forces defies nearly a hundred U.N. Security Council resolutions calling for them to withdraw.

قيس غانم – كندا : هل تذكرينَ حبيبتي؟

هل تذكرينَ حبيبتي؟ هل تذكرين لقاءنا في غفلةٍ عن أعْيُن الواشين والحُسّاد ِ يوم التقى قلبانُ في أنشودةٍ ألحانها من أعذب الأنشاد ونظرتُ في عينيكِ علّي أن أرى عطفاً يحفّز مُهجتي وفؤادي فرسمْتِ بالشفتين أحلى بسْمةٍ دقّتْ نواقيسي فرحتُ أنادي “يا بهجتي!” وسألتُ نفسي قائلاً ماذا صنعتُ لكي أنالَ مُرادي من حبّك المكنون في أغواره […]

Book Review: “TWO BOYS FROM ADEN COLLEGE” by Dr Abdulla Nasher former Ambassador of Yemen to Canada

   I very much enjoyed reading Dr Qais Ghanem’s new novel, Two Boys From Aden College. The story and dialogue are very well written, with detailed descriptions and straightforward expressions.
Qais took me some fifty years back to the good old days of Aden College and then Liverpool School of Medicine. He reminded me so much of my early days in the University students hostel, as if he was living in the room next door.