First Nations, Political Hierarchy, and the Validation of Social Movements: Cory Sine


“If I speak for the Serpent, the Serpent may speak for the Bird…”
Gold has been discovered in the catacombs beneath the Vatican.  Saint Peter’s Basilica is to be dynamited along with the Pope’s residence and the Sistine Chapel.  Following that they will be bull-dozed to make way for prospectors.  The Pope and upper echelons of the Catholic establishment will be relocated to a new site in the south of France.  Faced with this potential reality, the reader scoffs.  Such a thing could never and would never happen.  God would not allow it; let alone millions of Catholics spread across the globe.  So why is it that members of

The Ultimate Logic of a Society Built on Mass Murder

Glen Ford    It is seems that white America lacks the capacity for self-examination. It cannot grasp the simple truth, that a culture that celebrates the annihilation of whole peoples, casually and without guilt or introspection, is devoid of human values at its very core.

Crimes against Humanity: Iraq’s Mass Graves

Dirk Adriaensens                Iraqi mass-kidnapping mystery solved. Disappeared Ministry of Higher Education officials, arrested by Iraqi National Police in November 2006, end up in mass grave

Kenney and the mass email saga: You learn something new every day


  Syed Hussan    Many of my friends and I received the now infamous email from Kenney titled LGBT refugees from Iran. I skimmed it, and deleted it.  As I told anyone who would listen, of course Kenney would data mine petitions to get people’s emails and send then targeted emails. If only many of the […]

Saleh Resists Retirement in Yemen, Threatening Transition


   Glen Carey and Mohammed Hatem       He is trying to keep his family, friends and allies in power,” said Khalid al-Dakhil, a professor of political science at King Saud University in Riyadh. “He has a huge social, economic and political network all over Yemen and wants to prove that he isn’t out of the picture.