Rights Groups Slam Bahraini Court Ruling


   Lindsey Walker and Malgorzata Stawecka      “It’s a black day for Bahrain when it imprisons physicians and other medical professionals whose only ‘crime’ was to carry out their ethical duty to care for sick and wounded people,” Richard Sollom, Physicians for Human Rights’ deputy director, said in a statement Tuesday.

‘We Must Ban Falafel’ in School Lunches

Bachmann   “Chris, falafel is a gateway food,” responded Bachmann, “It starts with falafel, then the kids move on to shawarma. After a while they say ‘hey this tastes good, I wonder what else comes from Arabia?’ ” “Before you know it our children are listening to Muslim music, reading the Koran, and plotting attacks against […]

عـبـدالـنـاصــر الـمـودع :مصير الجنوب يقرره كل اليمنيين وليس الجنوبيين وحدهم

سيبدو هذا العنوان مستفزاً لبعض الجنوبيين وتحديداً المؤيدين لفكرة انفصال الجنوب عن الجمهورية اليمنية، غير أن المناقشة المتأنية لمضمونه ستوضح أنه يحمل الكثير من الوجاهة، التي يمكن إيضاحها فيما يلي:

Taming Tantawi is Mursi’s biggest challenge


 Qais Ghanem   At the appropriate time, he should curb the power of the soldiers, confine them to their barracks and actively prosecute Tantawi and his inner circle for any abuse of power, just as it happened in Turkey last year. Short of staging yet another coup, the generals’ options are really quite limited in today’s […]